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Life, it seems, gets busy, or I like to use that for an excuse, anyway. How else can I explain the fact that it has been nearly four months since I participated in phfr? For there have been many, many pretty and happy and funny and real moments in our lives in these days, as there are in all our days, if only we will look for them. It’s time I got back into this very good habit.



We have some lovely sunrises in this neck of the woods this time of year, and, thanks to my early-rising toddler, I get the privilege of seeing them. On my good days, I sit in my bed with the blinds pulled high, and I nurse my sweet girl, and I marvel at the beauty of creation. (On my bad days, everything is the same, except I lean my head back against the wall and wish that I were still asleep).



She’s a happy girl, this one right here, and I love her joyful, playful spirit. Her laughter is infectious, wonderful, sweet. This photo is blurry, but captures so much of her personality. I am so happy that I get to watch that personality develop.

(Oh, also – the fresh spaghetti I made from my October tomatoes and basil made me quite happy, too.)


Katie loves to say “Hi” now! Well, she loves to say it if we’re at home, among people she knows, and she isn’t faced with talking to strangers. And she loves to say it to animals. As my sister-in-law pointed out to me when I sent her this video, “Say hi to the llama,” is not a phrase heard by most children. I suppose she’s just lucky that way.



Jonathan was gone all of last week, and I must be honest: I lose all drive to buy groceries or to meal plan or to cook when he is gone. If it weren’t for Katie, I might eat cold cereal. But. We survived the week, mostly on leftovers, but also with a little help from DiGiorno. I sent him this picture so he would know exactly what he was missing.


Another real moment: quiet times can be tricky with a toddler in the house.

Those are the {pretty, happy, funny, real} moments around here this week.How about you? Head on over to Like Mother, Like Daughter or leave a comment here and share the contentment you captured this week!

3 response to "{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}"

  1. By: jywatkins Posted: October 19, 2015

    My husband is leaving on a four-night work trip next week, and I was just thinking today about the likelihood of me shopping and eating normal meals. Conclusion: not very likely! It’ll be leftovers for sure, or whatever I can scrounge up. It’s I’m feeling ambitious, maybe I’ll make a casserole the first night he’s gone and eat that every night for dinner. I’m totally with you: no motivation when it’s just me!

    • By: Jenn Posted: October 19, 2015

      Oh, that’s a good idea – making intentional leftovers! I don’t usually plan ahead enough for that. 🙂

  2. By: Amanda Posted: October 23, 2015

    Love this! My husband has been on a major project and dinners over here have been quite the uninspired/delivered 😉 He hasn’t been out of town so I can’t even begin to imagine how challenging that is! I’m sure you did amazingly! Also, that sunrise! Goodness! What a sight!?? I need to open our blinds to our room more! We don’t have the view but I imagine the natural light would make mornings more pleasant rather than the darkness I try to let linger! 🙂 Stopping by from LMLD! 🙂

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