You Have Way More than You Know

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My recent search for homeowners insurance raised some interesting questions (not least of which: why doesn’t “homeowners insurance” have a possessive apostrophe – which would, of course, go after the “s”? You can find the answer here, if you are so inclined.) Among the mundane details of home size and composition is the question of … Continue reading "You Have Way More than You Know"

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All Mama Wants is a Silent Night, Part Two

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Miles, in a surprising turn of events, slept well last night. Because the sleep gods are merciless, mercurial beings, however, he was the only person in this house who did. Sleep well, that is. Sometime between 8 p.m. and midnight, both girls’ digestive systems went into full revolt and determined to empty themselves by any … Continue reading "All Mama Wants is a Silent Night, Part Two"

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