Choosing This Moment: On the Road Edition (and an Important Announcement!)

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Seven days ago, Jonathan and I did something that either makes us adventurous or crazy or both, depending on how you see things: We loaded our three small children into our not-as-big-as-it-once-seemed SUV, hitched up our 145-square-foot travel trailer, and set off on a six-week cross-country journey. I’m inclined to say we’re adventurous, and fun-loving, … Continue reading "Choosing This Moment: On the Road Edition (and an Important Announcement!)"

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Toddler Steps and the End of the World

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Things have an apocalyptic (in the world-ending sense of the word) feel to them these days. A massive explosion in Lebanon. Wildfires and rolling blackouts here at home. A derecho storm taking out swaths of the Midwest. Back-to-back hurricanes threatening the southern US. Shady governmental dealings in Belarus and Russia and China (okay, so, nothing … Continue reading "Toddler Steps and the End of the World"

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