Toddler Steps and the End of the World

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Things have an apocalyptic (in the world-ending sense of the word) feel to them these days. A massive explosion in Lebanon. Wildfires and rolling blackouts here at home. A derecho storm taking out swaths of the Midwest. Back-to-back hurricanes threatening the southern US. Shady governmental dealings in Belarus and Russia and China (okay, so, nothing … Continue reading "Toddler Steps and the End of the World"

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All Mama Wants is a Silent Night, Part Two

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Miles, in a surprising turn of events, slept well last night. Because the sleep gods are merciless, mercurial beings, however, he was the only person in this house who did. Sleep well, that is. Sometime between 8 p.m. and midnight, both girls’ digestive systems went into full revolt and determined to empty themselves by any … Continue reading "All Mama Wants is a Silent Night, Part Two"

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