The Romantic and the Mundane

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Gifts in padlocked boxes notwithstanding, we’ve never paid much attention to Valentine’s Day around here, so when we had the opportunity to see friends from out of town on February 14th, it was an easy decision. We had a not-in-the-least romantic but thoroughly enjoyable evening of conversation and toddler wrangling. After a few minutes of … Continue reading "The Romantic and the Mundane"

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On the Road: At Home in the Middle-of-Nowhere Nevada

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The western USA contains vast expanses of land, wide-open valleys dotted with sagebrush and tumbleweeds and basalt. If you aren’t paying attention, if you choose not to look too closely, you might be fooled into thinking the only living creatures are your fellow travelers, zipping past on the long stretches of black asphalt. The desert … Continue reading "On the Road: At Home in the Middle-of-Nowhere Nevada"

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Choosing This Moment: On the Road Edition (and an Important Announcement!)

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Seven days ago, Jonathan and I did something that either makes us adventurous or crazy or both, depending on how you see things: We loaded our three small children into our not-as-big-as-it-once-seemed SUV, hitched up our 145-square-foot travel trailer, and set off on a six-week cross-country journey. I’m inclined to say we’re adventurous, and fun-loving, … Continue reading "Choosing This Moment: On the Road Edition (and an Important Announcement!)"

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