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It’s the time of year when the world comes to life, when our little corner of Earth is shameless in its extravagant beauty, when all I want to do is to revel in the glory of nature (though see this week’s {real} for more on that). My humble photos – most of them snapped on my phone under the glaring light of high noon because I couldn’t help myself – don’t even begin to do it justice.

(Disclaimer: Jonathan took the first shot. I take no credit for its loveliness)



This little girl loves to spend time outside, and was most thrilled to pick “flowers” for me. I was reminded of one of my favorite songs from my high school days – “dandelions” by Five Iron Frenzy. (If you haven’t heard it, take a moment to listen to it. The style might not be for everyone, but the lyrics are so good.)


Having a toddler leads to some amusing conversations. She’s observing her world and fascinated by certain aspects, and we hear about those things she finds interesting on a regular basis. A few examples:

On Monday, we had a crew out to do bring down some dead pines on our property. Katie watched them, giving a continual dialogue – “Up! Guys! Tree! Crash! Noise! Hat! Cut!” repeated over and over. Yesterday, as I was singing “Wheels on the Bus” to her, I asked her who else was on the bus. Her answer? “Guys!” When asked what the guys on the bus do, she responded with, “Up! Tree!”

“Guys! Tree!”

At lunch yesterday, I sat in the chair that Jonathan normally occupies at dinner. This was a great curiosity to Katie. Our conversation went something like this:

Katie: Chair. Daddy!
Me: Am I sitting in Daddy’s chair?
Katie [Laughing]: Yes!
Me: Is that silly?
Katie: Yes! Silly! Mama!

Rinse, lather, repeat.


I don’t have photos for this section, because I’m sure you don’t want to be inflicted with images of my watery eyes or running nose. Springtime allergies have hit me hard this year, which has somewhat lessened my enjoyment of the beauty so readily available to me outside. The combination of a wet winter with being unable to take my normal medications due to pregnancy has resulted in a several days where I have to appreciate God’s handiwork from afar. Still, I can’t complain – I’ve only had one or two really bad days thus far (one on the day I went to the zoo and another when Jonathan did some much-needed weed-whacking in the yard).

Those are the {pretty, happy, funny, real} moments around here this week.How about you? Head on over to Like Mother, Like Daughter or leave a comment here and share the contentment you captured this week!

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