When the Future Seems Overwhelming

I must admit, from where I sit, here in a rocker in a corner of the nursery, the future looks daunting. Terrifying. Overwhelming.

I have charge of one sweet 10-month old, and already, caring for her sometimes feels like an all-consuming task. Her constant need of me, while certainly endearing, is also draining. Clichéd though it may be, there are times when I feel as though I am losing myself in caring for her.

This parenting thing is taking all I’ve got, and I know it will only become more challenging as she grows.

I’m writing about how I face parenting when it seems so daunting over at Mamalode today. (Hint: it ties in nicely with the theme of this blog, and applies to anything, really, not just raising children). I’d be honored if you’d read, comment and share. Join me there?