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Meet scotch broom. It is a pernicious plant, growing like the weed that it is, spreading its seeds by the thousands. It takes over lots, creating a fire hazard, and is the bane of my husband’s existence; he spends a good portion of his weekend time fighting its invasion of our property. He would object, vociferously, to me assigning any positive attribute to it whatsoever. But isn’t it lovely? (Oh, the sermon illustration!)



Katie discovered books, recently. She loves this one in particular, which involves big flaps and fun textures for her small hands to navigate. She will sit for ten minutes or more with a book in her lap, turning pages, content as can be, and I must tell you, it makes her mama, an avid lover of words and stories, so very happy.

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My parents dropped by for a brief visit at the end of last week, and they came bearing gifts – for my sister’s birthday, for mine, and for a certain little girl whose first birthday is coming soon. The best part of these gifts from that little girl’s perspective? The tissue paper, of course. She was quite content to sit on the floor and play with it, crinkle it, rustle it about. Every now and then, she would look up with a charming grin, as though to say, “Aren’t I just the luckiest baby in the world, to have so much fun?”

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I leaned on the railing on our deck recently, and this happened. Yikes. Nothing like something seemingly solid giving way beneath you to make you feel self-conscious. I haven’t been eating that many sweets lately, I swear! So the home improvement category in our budget is getting extra money funneled to it these days …

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Those are the {pretty, happy, funny and real} moments around here, lately. How about you? Head on over to Like Mother, Like Daughter to join in the fun.

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