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Our walks have been absolutely lovely over the last week. I sometimes use our time on the trail to “write” – to work through ideas and phrasings and thoughts in the hopes that the really good stuff will stick long enough for me to jot it down when I get home – but lately, I’ve just been enjoying and savoring. DCM_7907 DCM_7911DCM_7900 DCM_7904


This girl. This girl is happy. (Well, except at 2 AM, but really, who is happy then?). And she makes me happy.20150227_121013


A certain somebody shows absolutely no interest in moving and is quite content to stay wherever you put her. Occasionally, we encourage her to crawl by placing her favorite toys just out of reach, as pictured below. (Rookie parenting mistake, I know. In a few months, we’ll be doing all we can to get her to sit still). This has made very little difference. She is quite happy to entertain herself with her hands or her socks or, in this case, her pacifier. I’m told she takes after me; my parents tell a story of me at a young age when, after having all my toys taken away because I refused to help clean up, I amused myself endlessly with my security blanket. (“Say cheese, Daddy!” … because everyone knows that a blanket looks just like a camera.)


Meet Catnap (Nap for short – her sister is Catnip, or Nip). See the sores above her eye? They’re partially healed, now, and they look much worse in person, so we made a little trip to the vet last week. Diagnosis? Most likely a severe allergic reaction to fleas. Ugh. Last week it was ants, now fleas. Poor Nap. We rapidly went from caring concern about whatever was causing them to, “Get away from me, you flea-ridden beast!” (Not really. Well, maybe a little bit.) We have now treated all three pets for fleas. Begone, nasty creatures!

(And just in case you are having second thoughts about ever visiting our home again: the vet assured me that this is not at all a reflection on my housekeeping. Fleas are sneaky little buggers who manage to evade all cleaning attempts. She also told me that adult fleas don’t migrate from animal to animal – they stay put – and that they much prefer cats and dogs to humans. We have not experienced any bites. The vet said she would be surprised if we had; she said you know you have a very serious problem when humans start noticing them.)DCM_7885

Those are the little moments around here this week. How about you? Head on over to Like Mother, Like Daughter and join in the fun!

4 response to "{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}"

  1. By: Deirdre Posted: March 5, 2015

    Your home looks very neat and clean in the photos, so I wouldn’t expect it to be crawling with fleas, anyway! 🙂
    Your little girl is so cute. And I’m envious of your spring blossoms! Sigh.

    • By: Jenn Posted: March 5, 2015

      Thanks, Deirdre! Though I will say: looks can be deceiving. 🙂

      Spring will come your way soon! (Though probably not soon enough, I know.)

  2. By: sarah marie Posted: March 5, 2015

    I am so jealous of those plants and the sunshine and the flowers!!! All we have is dirty snow and ice as far as the eye can see. 🙁 Getting out for walks with a stroller probably won’t happen for at least another month! Enjoy those strolls with Katie. That sounds so nice.

    • By: Jenn Posted: March 5, 2015

      Boo. I’m sorry. Hang in there. Spring will come eventually!

      If it makes you feel any better, we will be very sorry come summer. It will be dry, dry, dry around here, with not nearly enough snow pack/water reserve.

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