{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}

Today, I’m capturing the context of contentment in everyday life with Rosie at Like Mother, Like Daughter.



The morning light in our home is especially pretty this time of year, something I can appreciate more than normal due to the drought. Rain is in the forecast for the next few days (hurray!), but I’ve been enjoying the spring-like weather and lovely light while it lasts.



My two favorite people in all the world spending time together. Helping with dinner, even! We’ve just started putting Katie on our backs in the Ergo, and she’s more comfortable there than this photo might lead you to believe.





Katie had spaghetti for the first time this week. She didn’t seem too keen on this weird new food at first, and I don’t know that much made it into her stomach, but she sure had fun playing with it! (These photos could just as easily be categorized under “happy”, but I already had something for that label and, let’s face it, food-splattered baby faces are pretty funny.)



Katie and Jonathan both came home from Vermont with rather nasty colds. They both seem to be on the mend now, and I have managed to avoid catching it myself so far, but we have desperately needed these things – those on the left for them, that on the right for me – to get through the past week. Having a cold turned my baby who woke up every two hours into a baby who wakes up every forty-five minutes (or more). But the end is in sight! I am so glad she is starting to feel better.

So that’s my week. How about you? Join in the fun, with your own pretty, happy, funny and real moments!

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