Simple Pleasures

On days when you wake up to find this when you walk out of your front door,

this is a very pleasant way to spend your evening.

I am so very blessed in this life I get to live. Though the world is full of things I don’t understand, though it is often a place of suffering and sorrow and pain, though there is such ugliness present on this earth, there is also such beauty. There are smiles shared between friends. There are the wonder and the exquisite design of the created world. There are simple pleasures, like hot chocolate and games of Scrabble and the warmth radiating from a wood stove. And while they can seem so inconsequential in the face of the really hard things of the world, I’m beginning to believe that these small things, these little moments, and the way in which I choose to respond to them, are the building blocks for a life of meaning, a life worth living. Noticing them, taking joy in them, leads me to a life of gratitude and thanksgiving and gives me a foundation for when the darker days come, provides me with the glimmer of light that keeps me moving forward when I cannot see the path beneath my feet and everything within me rebels at the thought of a God who cares.

May I take the time to notice, to appreciate the simple pleasures of the everyday. May I live a life of gratitude. I am so very blessed – may I never take that for granted.

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