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Taste and See

Abby loves to eat. (She loves to laugh, too, and to jump in her exersaucer, and to roll laps around … Read More

Come, Lord Jesus, Come

She moves with that awkward walk unique to those carrying a child, a hand on her slightly arched back. Far … Read More

No Easy Answers

I listened to a podcast this morning as I ran, one on the creative life, on finding your voice. The … Read More

What Love Does to You

In recent weeks, Katie has discovered the wonder of stuffed animals. Previously neglected, left to gather dust in the corner … Read More

The Stories We Tell

I tell a story about a failed adoption, a story that is true, at least so far as I know. … Read More

On Unanswered Prayers

I haven’t read many books dealing with spiritual topics in the past few years, haven’t spent much time perusing tomes … Read More