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Night Driving: Roots

I’m sharing my own story of faith in the dark and joining Addie Zierman as she celebrates the launch of her … Read More

It Felt Like Grief

I have a story up at Good Housekeeping today about the early days of my pregnancy with Katie. Here are … Read More

The Stories We Tell

I tell a story about a failed adoption, a story that is true, at least so far as I know. … Read More

March 16th

Today is March 16th, 2015. Somewhere far away from here, there will be a party. Cake, most likely, and balloons, … Read More

Worth the Risk

“We hope to give Katie siblings some day, brothers or sisters as companions and playmates and friends. And despite the … Read More

A Broken Place

The world is a broken place. We need not look far to find evidence of this fact; it confronts us … Read More