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Narrating Her World

When she’s in the right mood, and with the right people – both important qualifiers for this girl of mine … Read More

Blackberries, Part III

Summer comes, and with it, blackberry season. We had a wet winter – or rather, a normal one that seemed … Read More

Take That, Resistance

The sun blazed white against a blue backdrop this morning when we woke. Jonathan opened the blinds in our bedroom and … Read More

Images of Grandmommy

I recently found an image of my husband’s grandmother stashed away, hidden on some forgotten corner of my hard drive. … Read More

On Writing and Community

I’m thinking about writing, and reading about writing, and listening to podcasts on writing. I’m writing, and editing, and writing … Read More

Why I Write

I was flipping through the library’s copy of the 2013 Writer’s Market, hoping and failing to find the perfect home for a … Read More